Something I imagined up in a daydream, all clouds, balloons, wings and other things of the air.  This is Levitate.


In the skies, where the birds flew high, the air, the breeze; the atmosphere was heavenly and fragrant. The castles below, the roses that blow, the eagles that soar. There was a winged man who flew above the mist to meet the woman in the sky. The introduction was that of great proportion. The man had often wondered if his wings could ever take him this high. When he saw her hand reach through the clouds, he wanted to go along for the journey. He reached his hand above his own head to touch hers and when their eyes met, they simply knew. The woman whose grace was radiant, flew not by wings, but by balloons that were seasonal. Heaven was the only thing she knew, so when the wind blew, she could only go up. So when she looked below and saw the man, it was to her astonishment, for he was the only other she had seen also rise. A prayer for the castle: That it holds still, in water, fire and in after. It’s beauty shone through the fog of epic wars and darker hours; all in all, the castle is all they really had. It kept them grounded and gave them shelter from the shadows of the earth. A structure that holds power and love to determine the future is all it knows.

Levitate - A digital painting by Erin Cheyne - An interracial couple floating away on wings and balloons into a beautiful sunset